Sad goodbyes, bee stings and broken bodies.

Come Sunday evening, rolling thru Facebook I notice everyone posts up their weekends events -all stunning and happy about the fun things they’ve done the past weekend… including their kid’s sports pics, party plans and what awesome training they did! I however did not have one such weekend! And it doesn’t help to read about theirs!!

My weekend started with a sad goodbye to a close friend leaving for New Zealand. I mean why go to NZ if it’s so much fun here on weekends in sunny South Africa anyway? And what’s it with New Zealand? We have stunning places to explore and beautiful places to visit like Drakensberg, Karoo and Table Mountain!

Besides, our schools are better and our weather is better and we don’t have such rigid laws that you cant open up your own honey business!

Why go and leave your friends, family, memories, traditions, familiarities and history by tearing yourself away? Its painful, stressful and a logistical nightmare to do anyway!

But then when you hear my friend, Janine, talk about why she’s going to New Zealand, then you stop to listen… She says God has bought them to this place and showed them the way to go and He has opened the right doors for them to go. Everything has pointed to this moment for them. The administrative issues, the miraculous turn around in their visa application, the sudden re-appearance of their un-abridged birth certificates and the perfect job and home they managed to find over there, all show the miraculous hand of God in their going.

Even though its painful to tear apart a friendship and memories, its more painful to disobey God, don’t you think?

The other incident taking the pleasure out of my weekend was the stinging of a bee onto my 5 year old’s lip while sipping her cream soda on a piping hot day at a Mountain bike Race! She didn’t want to listen about the bee that was following her because of her cooldrink and to rather leave the drink alone. NOOOOOOO, she wanted to have a right royal 5 year old will tested and rather go against mum’s words of warning, and finish her precious drink! Well, needless to say, the lip got off second best and the bee, well, he died. However the agony of it all for me (as this is my pity party) was the 1000 eyes looking at me and my daughter as she let rip a blood-curdling scream, not once, not twice but three times. Enough to make the Home Alone 2 producers hair stand on end! Well, she probably learnt a lesson there?

Then to top it all, we have sooooo many broken bodies around the house and do not touch anyone on their thigh, chest, foot, leg, head, lip or stomach as you might get an undesirable retaliati

on you weren’t expecting! Even the dog is feeling temperamental in the body. I don’t know what’s happening, but everyone is feeling broken! It’s like a virus sweeping thru humans and pets. It’s very catchy! Well, the dog, Snowy, did actually jump off the moving bakkie onto a gravel road, so at least she has an excuse! (PS: And I’m premenstrual- which would explain a lot of the woe-is-me tone of this blog!)

I will definitely miss my friend Janine- she was a kindred spirit with me. We shared the same passions, faith and outlook on life and she got me! God bless you in New Zealand and I’m so proud of you for being obedient to God!

My Mums Running Mountains partner!

My Mums Running Mountains partner!


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